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Hong Kong Documentary Film

Ian Aitken, Michael Ingham

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A comprehensive study of the lost genre of Hong Kong documentary film

Does Hong Kong have a significant tradition in documentary filmmaking? Until recently, many film scholars believed not. Yet, when Ian Aitken and Michael Ingham challenged this assumption, they discovered a rich cinematic tradition, dating back to the 1890s.

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About the Author

Ian Aitken is Professor of Film Studies at the School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University. His most recent publications include Hong Kong Documentary Film (Edinburgh: EUP, 2014), and Lukácsian Film Theory and Cinema: An Analysis of Georg Lukács’ Writings on Film 1913-1971 (Manchester and New York: Manchester University Press, 2012).

Associate Professor in the Department of English at Lingnan University in Hong Kong.


'For too long Hong Kong documentary has itself constituted a kind of structuring absence within the region’s cinema – a mode of politically-engaged filmmaking apparently truant from Hong Kong film history. Aitken and Ingham’s book redresses the matter, and goes a long way to making the forgotten heritage of Hong Kong documentary present and vital. If the book elicits from the reader a rewarding sense of discovery, this satisfaction is qualified only by the knowledge that many of the films cited are lost, damaged, or languishing in archives. One hopes that Hong Kong Documentary Film – and the related scholarship surely to follow in its path – will hasten the wider dissemination of the documentary films discussed here and those yet to be discovered.'

- Gary Bettinson, Lancaster University, New Review of Film and Television Studies, 13:2

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