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Homer's 'Odyssey'

A Reading Guide

Henry Power

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A fresh and exciting approach to this great work of classical literature

Henry Power provides an overview of the whole poem with detailed commentary of the crucial moments. Readers are encouraged to consider both the oral origins and the rich literary reception of this early epic whilst responding to core themes within it.

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Note on the text
Series Editors' Preface
1. Mapping and Making
The Odyssey as an Epic Poem
The Odyssey and the Iliad
The Metre
2. Introduction: Four ways of approaching the poem
3. Selections from the Odyssey
Book I: Telemachos and Athene
Book VI: Odysseus and Nausikaa
Book IX: Odysseus as Storyteller: Polyphemos
Book XIII: Return to Ithaka
Book XXIII: Odysseus and Penelope
4. Contexts for Reading
Oral Poetry and the Homeric Question
Some Views of Homer
The Odyssey in English Translation
Literary Responses
The Odyssey and Epic Poetry
The Odyssey and the Novel
5. Teaching the Text
6. Suggested Further Reading

About the Author

Dr Henry Power is Lecturer in English at the University of Exeter. He completed his PhD in English at St. Catharine's College, University of Cambridge on 'Tom Jones, Appetite, and the Epic Tradition' in 2005. He has published scholarly articles in Translation and Literature, the Review of English Studies and the Cambridge Quarterly.


Power's ability in making clear points and his progressive presentation of the material make this study ideal for anyone interested in getting to know and appreciating Homer's second "long poem".

- Christodoulos Zekas, University of Crete , Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2012.10.49

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