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The Inside Story

Susan Bain

Paperback (Printed to Order)

From 1998 to 2005 film-maker Susan Bain worked on the documentary series The Gathering Place. She has been one of the few outsiders to be granted such exclusive access to the inside story of the new parliament building at Holyrood. This book tells that story.

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1. 'There Shall be a Scottish Parliament'
2. But Where Should it Be?
3. Client and Costs
4. The Architect
5. I'm so sorry, he's from Barcelona
6. Mixed Messages
7. An Independent Review?
8. The Spencely Debate
9. All Change
10. Farewell Enric
11. Spiralling out of Control
12. Who's in Charge?
13. A Penny Saved is a Penny Gained
14. With a little Help from our Friends
15. Did he Jump or was he Pushed?
16. Who Rules the Roost?
17. Blame the Builders
18. Sacking Barcelona?
19. Access all Areas
20. An Impossible Building
21. One Foot to the Pedal
22. Election
23. Taking Control
24. The Fraser Inquiry
25. The End?.

About the Author

Susan Bain is a writer, producer and researcher. Her credits include The Gathering Place (an independent production for BBC Scotland), Charles Winsdor’s Schooldays and Opinions: Terry Randall (both independent productions for Channel 4).