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Hellenistic Egypt

Monarchy, Society, Economy, Culture

Jean Bingen
Edited by Roger Bagnall

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Hellenistic Egypt was a society created by Macedonian rule of the ancient civilisation of Egypt. It is framed by Alexander the Great at one end and Cleopatra VII at the other.

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Table of Contents
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Part I: The Monarchy
1. Ptolemy I and the quest for legitimacy
2. Ptolemy III and Philae: snapshot of a reign, a temple, and a cult
3. The dynastic politics of Cleopatra VII
4. Cleopatra VII Philopatris
5. Cleopatra, the diadem and the image
Part II: The Greeks
6. The Thracians in Ptolemaic Egypt
7. The Ptolemaic papyri and the Achaean diaspora
8. The Greek presence and the Ptolemaic rural setting

9. The urban milieu in the Egyptian countryside during the Ptolemaic period
10. Kerkeosiris and its Greeks in the second century
11. The cavalry settlers of the Herakleopolite in the first century
12. Two royal ordinances of the first century and the Alexandrians
Part III: The Royal Economy
13. The Revenue Laws Papyrus: Greek tradition and Hellenistic adaptation
14. The structural tensions of Ptolemaic society
15. The third-century land leases from Tholthis
Part IV: Greeks and Egyptians
16. Greek economy and Egyptian society in the third century
17. Greeks and Egyptians in PSI V 502
18. Graeco-Roman Egypt and the question of cultural interaction
19. Normality and distinctiveness in the epigraphy of Greek and Roman Egypt
General index and index of passages discussed.

About the Author

Jean Bingen is Emeritus Professor of Greek at the Free University of Brussels.

Roger S. Bagnall is Professor of Classics and History at Columbia University.