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Greek Athletics

Edited by Jason König

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Exploring the past and rethinking the future of ancient sport studies

What did sporting competition and athletic education in the ancient world really involve? Why was it so highly valued? How did ancient athletic practices change over time? This volume answers these questions by bringing together a collection of important articles and book extracts by American and European scholars, covering gymnasium education, festival competition and victory, the role of athletic activity in conceptions of ancient identity, and the reception of the ancient athletic heritage in the modern world.

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About the Author

Jason König is Senior Lecturer in Greek and Classical Studies at the University of St Andrews. His research is focused especially on the Greek literature and culture of the Roman Empire.


...provides a good introduction to how the study of ancient athletics intersects with subjects such as the influence of Greek culture on the Roman world and the importance of state-sponsored education in the life of Greek cities.
- Stephen Brunet, University of New Hampshire, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

By Jason König's praiseworthy initiative, the great formula of anthology critical reading is applied to the theme of athletic competitions in the Greek and Roman worlds. This results in a dense and multifaceted volume, aimed not only at students and scholars, but also at a wider audience of educated readers, since the praiseworthy meticulous compilation by the curator makes a large part of the contents and of the more technical details accessible to non-specialists in the field of classical antiquity.

- Ludica

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