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Global Justice and Climate Governance

Bridging Theory and Practice

Alix Dietzel

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Examines climate change governance in relation to ethics

This book evaluates the global response to climate change from a cosmopolitan justice perspective. Going above and beyond existing studies, Alix Dietzel neatly illustrates that climate justice theory can be used to normatively assess and compare both state (multilateral) and non-state (transnational) climate change governance – in other words, that theory and practice can be bridged.

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Part I: Developing a Climate Justice Account

1. The Scope of Climate Justice

2. The Grounds of Climate Justice

3. The Demands of Climate Justice

Part II: Assessing Climate Governance

4. Bridging Theory and Practice

5. Assessing Multilateral Climate Governance

6. Assessing Transnational Climate Governance



About the Author

Alix Dietzel is a Lecturer at the School of Sociology, Politics and International Relations (SPAIS) at the University of Bristol. Her research focuses on cosmopolitan climate change justice and the normative evaluation of state and non-state climate change responses. She aims to bridge the gap between those concerned with the ethical dimensions of climate change and those who focus on the global governance of the climate change problem.

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