Global Citizenship

A Critical Reader

Edited by Nigel Dower, John Williams

Ebook (PDF) i

Global citizenship is a dynamic topic within the modern world. Emerging from the new language and ideas that are being developed to try to encompass and define the ways in which globalisation is changing the world in which we live, global citizenship combines two factors - the idea of global responsibility (for the environment, aiding the poor, human rights, peace, etc.) and the development of institutional structures through which this responsibility can be exercised.

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Preface by Onora O'Neill
Part 1: The Idea of Global Citizenship
1. An Emergent Matrix of Citizenship: Complex, Uneven and Fluid, Richard Falk (Princeton)
2. Global Citizenship: Yes or No?, Nigel Dower (Aberdeen)
3. Good International Citizenship, John Williams (Aberdeen)
4. Feminism and Global Citizenship, Kimberly Hutchings (Edinburgh)
Part 2: Institutional Issues and the Bases of Scepticism
5. Citizenship: European and Global,Andreas Follesdal (Oslo)
6. The Left, the Nation-State and European Citizenship, David Miller (Oxford)
7. The Transformation of Political Community: Rethinking Democracy in the Context of Globalisation, David Held (Open University/ LSE)
8. What's Wrong with Cosmopolitan Democracy?, Roland Axtmann (Aberdeen)
9. The UN and Global Citizenship, Mark Imber (St Andrews)
Part 3: Ethical Bases for Global Citizenship
10. A Global Ethic for a New Global Order, Hans Kung (Institute for Global Ethics, Tübingen)
11. Global Ethics and Global Citizenship, Nigel Dower (Aberdeen)
12. Global Justice, Global Institutions and Global Citizenship, Christien Van den Anker (Sussex)
13. Global Citizenship and Common Values, Sabine Alkire (Oxford/ World Bank)
Part 4: Environment, Economic Globalisation, Technology, Immigration and Peace
14. Global Citizenship and the Global Environment, Robin Attfield (Cardiff)
15. Living with the Big Picture: A Systems Approach to Citizenship of a Complex Planet, Christine Blackmore (Open University) & John Smyth (Paisley)
16. Economic Globalisation and Global Citizenship, David Newlands (Aberdeen)
17. Citizenship in our Globalising World of Technology, Sytse Strijbos (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam)
18. Immigration: What does Global Justice Require?, Valeria Ottonelli (Genoa)
19. Global Citizenship and Peace, Nigel Dower (Aberdeen)

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Dower and Williams have produced an excellent beginner's guide to current debates about global citizenship and the global issues which inspire them. Their book is essential reading for anyone that wishes to know more about the increasingly important topic of global citizenship. The rich and extensive bibliography is certain to be an excellent resource for beginners and for more experienced students of this key concept in contemporary political affairs.
Andrew Linklater, Professor of International Relations, University of Aberystwyth
Valuable discussion across a broad range of issues.
Neal Curtis, APU, Cambridge
Nigel Dower is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen. Publications include Ethics and Environmental Responsibility (Gower Publishing, 1989) and World Ethics: The New Agenda (1998). He is editor of the series Edinburgh Studies in World Ethics.

John Williams is Lecturer in International Relations at Durham University.

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