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Gilles Deleuze's Difference and Repetition

A Critical Introduction and Guide

James Williams

Edition: 2

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A revised, expanded and fully up-to-date critical introduction to Deleuze’s most important work of philosophy

By critically analysing Deleuze's methods, principles and arguments, James Williams helps readers to engage with the revolutionary core of Deleuze's philosophy and take up positions for or against its most innovative and controversial ideas.

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1. Introduction
2. Outside Repetition
3. Difference
4. Repetition
5. Against Common Sense
6. What is an Idea?
7. What is Reality?
8. Difference and Repetition revisited
9. Conclusion: Beyond the Self

About the Author

James Williams is Honorary Professor of Philosophy and member of the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalization at Deakin University. He has published widely on contemporary French philosophy and is currently working on a critique of the idea of extended mind from the point of view of process philosophy.

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