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Get Set for Teacher Training

Don Skinner

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This is a guide to getting the most out of a teacher training course in the United Kingdom. It covers both primary and secondary teaching and is suitable for students following undergraduate, postgraduate or alternative routes. The book gives a clear idea of what to expect from such courses, how to succeed on them and so make the best possible start to a career in teaching.

It covers:

  • studying education and teaching
  • learning from placements
  • professional study skills

The guide will enable readers to get to grips quickly with curriculum planning, teaching and class management, applying developmental psychology, writing assignments, making presentations, managing priorities and time, and meeting the challenge of being assessed on teaching competence - all essential to professional confidence and success in teaching today.

Written by an experienced, innovative teacher educator it reflects up-to-date policy and research, highlighting new ideas about assessment, learning styles and subject understanding.


1. Introduction
Part 1 Studying Education
2 Teaching and Learning
3 Curriculum and assessment
4 Developmental psychology
5 Schools and society
Part 2 Professional Practice
6 Learning from placement
7 Interaction skills and learning styles
8 Wider roles and professional development
Part 3 Study Skills for Teacher Training
9. Approaches to study
10 Writing essays
11. Making presentations
12. Managing your time
Applying for teacher training
Acronyms, glossary and useful websites

About the Author

Don Skinner is Academic Co-ordinator for Education Courses, Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh. He has written numerous articles on education, including: ‘Modes of Teaching’, chapter in Kirk, G and Glaister, R (Eds), Scotland’s National Curriculum: 5-14’, Edinburgh, Scottish Academic Press, I994. ‘Teaching and Learning’ in Kirk, G (ed) Moray House and Change in Higher Education, Edinburgh, Scottish Academic Press, 1995 (with B Cosford, R McNie, H Perfect); Working Together to Learn (50 page booklet on developing co-operative groupwork for Lothian Schools - Lothian Region, 1995

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