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Get Set for Study Abroad

Tom Barron

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Get Set for Study Abroad is a guide-book for students who are thinking of studying outside the UK as part of their home degree and for others who want to know what is involved.

It takes you through the whole process, from finding out about the opportunities available and making your selection of a programme up to completing the studies and returning home. It explains what things you need to think about at each stage as you make your preparations and then carry out your studies. There are sections on academic requirements, costs and funding. The book also offers advice on study skills and outlines issues which arise in intercultural communication. It gives particular coverage of programmes in the European Union (such as Erasmus/Socrates) and the USA, the two main areas of interest for UK students. Though the focus is largely on undergraduates, there are sections dealing also with postgraduate study. Student commentaries, a guide to web-sites and printed materials, and a glossary of the terms you are most likely to encounter are also included.

The text cuts through the red-tape and bureaucratic language of much of the programme literature and presents a student-friendly viewpoint with candour and good humour.

Key Features:

  • Explains the whole complex process simply and clearly
  • Structured to work through the process from start to finish
  • Written by a practitioner who bears practical issues in mind at all times
  • Includes suggestions on further reading and websites


1. Introduction
2. Study Abroad
3. The Mechanics
4. Exchanges
5. Studying Abroad Outside Exchanges
6. The European Programmes
7. The USA
8. Getting Advice and Applying
9. Making Preparations to Go: Longer Term
10. Making Preparations to Go: Shorter Term
11. Arrival
12. Registration
13. Study Skills: The Requirements
14. Studying in a New Environment
15. Intercultural Communication
16. Re-Entry
A Note on Websites and Resources

About the Author

Tom Barron was director of the International Office at the University of Edinburgh from 1989 to 2001. He is now an International Officer, providing consultancy work.


Tackles a complicated subject with some aplomb.
- John Alexander, International Office, University of Glasgow
As a comprehensive survey of the subject, it will be valuable for students, parents, school advisers and indeed for Universities - International Officers, academic programme coordinators and others... It is a very readable book, with nice touches of humour and thoughtful, helpful insights into issues related to study abroad.
- J.E. Reilly, Director, UK Socrates Erasmus Council

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