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Get Set for Nursing

Graeme Smith


This thorough guide to education in nursing is structured into five parts:

  • What is nursing?
  • Biological sciences related to nursing
  • Social sciences in nursing
  • An introduction to clinical skills in nursing
  • Study skills

Emphasis in the first section is on where nursing fits into the health care system in the 21st century. The patient is identified as the recipient of nursing care and effective communication skills are outlined. Get Set for Nursing then provides the student with a clear and accessible guide to all elements of a nursing degree, including an introduction to biological, psychological and social sciences. It prepares the student not only for the common foundation programme element of nurse education but also nurse registration. The final sections provide the student with a guide to the nursing and study skills required at university.


  • Covers the common foundation programme
  • Addresses the theoretical and clinical skills that a student nurse will encounter


1. What is Nursing?
2. Biological Sciences related to nursing
3. Social sciences in nursing
4. An introduction to clinical skills in nursing
5. Study skills.

About the Author

Dr Graeme D. Smith is a Lecturer / Clinical Specialist in Nursing Studies at the University of Edinburgh. He is the author, with R Watson, of Gastrointestinal Nursing: A text for nurses, nurse practitioners and nurse endoscopists (Blackwell Science, 2004) and of articles in medical journals including International Journal of Nursing Studies and European Journal of Gastroenterology.


Essential for anyone thinking of a career in nursing.
- Professor Roger Watson, School of Nursing, University of Hull

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