Get Set for Media and Cultural Studies

Tony Purvis

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This book presents a clear, concise and critical introduction to contemporary media and cultural studies. The book will be of interest to all students about to embark on courses in which knowledge of the mass media, cultural identities, popular culture, film, or television, forms a part of their programme. But the book is also aimed at those who are interested in how media and cultural identities can be studied in relation to audiences and industries in the context of local and global media. And finally, the book is of interest to all those who are studying aspects of the media, culture, and communications industries and who want to consolidate their knowledge and critical skills in more comprehensive ways. Get Set for Media and Cultural Studies will provide a concise learning aid.

Key Features:

  • Explores core subjects taught in media and cultural studies degrees.
  • Includes case studies and illustrations from contemporary media and cultural studies.
  • Introduces students to the identities and organisations which comprise the media and culture industries today.
  • Covers transferable and employability skills that students will gain from the study of media and culture as well as guidance on work inside and outside the media and culture industries.

Part I
1. What are the media? What is media studies?
2. What is culture? What is cultural studies?
Part II
3. Texts and signs in media and culture
4. Cultural and media identities
5. Genres: Television and film
6. Audiences
7. Popular Cultures
8. Production and consumption of media and culture
9. Subcultures
10. Media: Methods of analysis
11. Theories of cultural analysis
Part III
12. Week One, Semester I, Year One
13. Reading, Writing, and Essays
14. Common Errors in writing and presenting
15. Examinations
16. Seminars, presentations, and group work
17. Dissertations and research projects
18. Media Production
19. Employability and Progress Files
Bibliography and recommended reading.
Tony Purvis teaches cultural and media studies at the University of Newcastle. He is co-convenor of the Newcastle University Research Group in Film and Media, and his research interests include media, culture, and sexuality, cultural theory and television studies. He is author (with Sue Thornham) of Television Drama: Theories and Identities (Palgrave, 2004)), as well as a forthcoming book with Edinburgh University Press, Sexuality and Media.

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