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Get Set for English Language

Christine Robinson


The English Language volume assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. For students who have never studied English Language before, it will give an idea of what to expect. For students already studying English Language at school, it will provide a concise but comprehensive learning aid.Part One covers core subjects taught in the first year of most English Language degrees. Topics include: phonetics and phonology; vocabulary; inflectional morphology; syntax; the history of English; regional and social variation; language change; and language and poetry. Part Two tackles the study skills needed at university level and discusses issues such as lectures, tutorials and seminars; writing skills; essays and dissertations; and examinations. Learning tools include a sample degree exam paper and a sample essay answer.


Key to main symbols
1. Phonetics and Phonology (The Sounds of English)
2. Vocabulary
3. Inflectional Morphology
4. Syntax
5. History of English
6. Regional Variation
7. Social Variation
8. Functional Variation
9. Language Change
10. Language and Poetry
11. Be in the Know
12. Learning: Reading. Assessment and Self-Directed
13. Time Management
14. Tutorials, Seminars and Oral Presentations
15. Lectures
16. Essays and Dissertations
17. Improving Written Communication
18. Examinations
Appendix I: Sample Degree Exam Paper
Appendix II: Sample Essay Answer.

About the Author

Christine Robinson is an Honorary Fellow in the Department of English Language, University of Edinburgh and a lecturer in the University of the Highlands and Islands and in the Lothians Equal Access Programme for Schools Summer School.

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