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Paragraph Volume 27 Number 2

Edited by Mairéad Hanrahan


The last decade has seen a considerable growth of interest in Jean Genet, and he is now widely recognised as one of the most important French writers of the 20th century. From the very beginning, Genet attracted the attention of the major thinkers of his time, as witnessed by the volumes both Sartre and Derrida devoted to him. But recently his writing has proven a mine for readings informed by a whole variety of theories. Including Derrida's first text on Genet since Glas and spanning the spectrum from a Deleuzian study of the event to speech-act analysis and queer theorisations of Genetian power relationships, this collection of articles reflects the diversity of the theoretical approaches currently being applied to his work.


Introduction: Genet and Theory
MAIRÉAD HANRAHAN, Countersignature
MAIRÉAD HANRAHAN, The Divided Event: The Aesthetics and Politics of Virtuality in Funeral Rites
SCOTT DURHAM, A Restive Word
TOM CONLEY, Disseminating Phallic Masculinity: Seminal Fluidity in Genet's Fiction
ELIZABETH STEPHENS, Genet's The Blacks: 'And Why Does One Laugh at a Negro?'
BÉNÉDICTE BOISSERON AND FRIEDA EKOTTO, Speech without Acts: Politics and Speech-Act Theory in Genet's The Balcony
CLARE FINBURGH, Bataille's Battle.

About the Author

Mairéad Hanrahan is Professor of French at University College London. She is Editor of the journal Paragraph.

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