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Garcian Meditations

The Dialectics of Persistence in Form and Object

Jon Cogburn

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A critical reading guide to Garcia’s systematic metaphysical treatise, Form and Object

The publication of Form and Object: A Treatise on Things by Tristan Garcia, Prix de Flore-winning novelist, philosopher, essayist, and screenwriter is a genuine event in the history of philosophy. Situating this event within classical, modern, and contemporary dialectical space, Jon Cogburn evaluates Garcia's metaphysics, differential ontology, and militant anti-reductionism through a series of seemingly incompatible oppositions: substance/process, analysis/dialectic, simple/whole and discovery/creation.

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Series Editor’s Preface
Introduction: Tristan Garcia Among the Cave Dwellers

  1. Neither Substance Nor Process I: Anti-Reductionism
  2. Neither Analytic Nor Dialectic I: Horizon
  3. Neither Analytic Nor Dialectic II: The World of Object-Oriented Ontology
  4. No-Matter-What
  5. Neither Substance Nor Process II: Two Modes
  6. Neither Matter Nor World: Thing
  7. Neither Discovered Nor Created I: Universe and Matter
  8. Neither Substance Nor Process III: Events, Time, and Life
  9. Neither Discovered Nor Created II: Beauty, Truth, and Goodness
  10. Neither Substance Nor Process IV: Existence and Resistance

Appendix: Tristan Garcia Interview

About the Author

Jon Cogburn is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies at Louisiana State University. He is the author of several articles on the philosophy of logic, epistemology, metaphysics, and aesthetics, co-author with Mark Silcox of Philosophy through Video Games, and co-editor with Mark Silcox of Dungeons & Dragons and Philosophy.


Far-ranging and clearly written, this book is an indispensable critical guide to Tristan Garcia’s innovative metaphysical project in Form and Object as well as a significant contribution, in its own right, to today’s leading metaphysical debates. Relating Garcia’s work to that of recent and contemporary analytic philosophers including Quine, Putnam, and Priest, Cogburn’s book will be eagerly sought by those looking for a foretaste, across the analytic-continental divide, of the metaphysics to come.

- Paul M. Livingston, University of New Mexico

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