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Gadda Goes to War

Translational Provocations Around An Emergency

Edited by Federica G Pedriali

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Introduces and analyses stage performances of texts by Italian Modernist writer Carlo Emilio Gadda

When do we start going to war and why? And what did it mean to go to war from World War I to World War II and beyond, in Italy, before and after Mussolini, before and after, that is, that warring spirit of the age which keeps nations in fighting mode? Both time specific and universal, these questions are explored in this book through a unique combination of scholarly and theatrical performance based on the war diaries and a belated anti-Mussolini pamphlet by Italy’s greatest Modernist writer Carlo Emilio Gadda (1893-1973).

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About the Author

Federica Pedriali is Professor of Literary Metatheory and Modern Italian Studies and Head of Italian at Edinburgh University. She is the Director of the Edinburgh Gadda Projects, General Editor of the Edinburgh Gadda Journal, Chair of the Edinburgh Gadda Prize, Chair of the Nicola Benedetti Scholarship Fund and Director of the Italo-Scottish Research Centre. Her books include La farmacia degli incurabili. Da Collodi a Calvino (2006) and Altre carceri d’invenzione. Studi gaddiani (2007). She is currently editing A Pocket Gadda Encyclopedia (4 vols, 2013), and working on a two-volume project The Universe Stinks. Props, Gaps and Last Subjects, From Bruno to Gadda and From Freud to Foucault.

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