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Fundamental Concepts in Phonology

Sameness and Difference

Ken Lodge

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This book is an investigation of the basic concepts of phonological theory. In particular it is concerned with the concepts of sameness and difference, each a sine qua non of classification. It is assumed that all academic disciplines operate with these two basic concepts when classification is involved.

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1: Introduction
2: Sameness and difference in phonology
3: Biuniqueness and monosystematicity
4: Segmentation
5: Phonetic implementation and abstractness
6: Derivation and constraints: towards an alternative proposal
7: Penlectal grammars

About the Author

Ken Lodge was Reader in Linguistics and Phonetics at the University of East Anglia. He is now retired.


"Lodge's book is a timely reminder of a range of issues and theoretical positions worth exploring in relation to phonological contrast and representation."
- Leendert Plug, University of Leeds, Journal of Phonology, Volume 28 (2011)