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From Film Practice to Data Process

Production Aesthetics and Representational Practices of a Film Industry in Transition

Sarah Atkinson

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Examines the practices of independent digital feature-filmmaking in contemporary Britain

To what extent have digital innovations transformed the UK film industry? What new practices and processes are emerging within the contemporary UK filmmaking landscape? What impact is this having upon filmmaking professionals?

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List of Figures
Chapter 1: Digital Film Production Studies
Chapter 2: Digital Film Production People
Chapter 3: Digital Film Production Time
Chapter 4: Digital Film Production Space
Chapter 5: Digital Film Production Representations
Chapter 6: Digital Film Production Preservation and Access
Chapter 7: Epilogue
Practitioner Filmography
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About the Author

Sarah Atkinson is Senior Lecturer in Digital Cultures at King’s College London.


Sarah Atkinson enlivens the digital transition as she explores the production of a film from beginning to end, capturing the drama and impact on the UK industry. Hers is a truly original take on the continuities, ruptures, and invisible translations taking place in the shift from film to data.

- Professor Jennifer Holt, University of California, Santa Barbara

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