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French Blockbusters

Cultural Politics of a Transnational Cinema

Charlie Michael

Hardback (Forthcoming)

Rethinks the transnational dimensions of the contemporary French film industry

The digitised spectacles conjured by a word like ‘blockbuster’ may create a certain cognitive dissonance with received ideas about French cinema – long celebrated as a model for philosophical, economic and aesthetic resistance to globalised popular culture. While the Gallic ‘cultural exception’ remains a forceful current to this day, this book shows how the onslaught of Hollywood mega-franchises and new media platforms since the 1980s has also provoked an overtly commercialised response from French producers eager to redefine the stakes and scope of their own traditions.

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List of Figures

Introduction: French Blockbusters?

Chapter 1: The Lang Plan and its Aftermath

Chapter 2: Popular Cinema and ‘Cultural Diversity’

Chapter 3: The Debatable Destiny of Amélie Poulain

Chapter 4: Valérian and the Planet of a Thousand Critics

Chapter 5: Countercurrents in Action Cinema

Chapter 6: Serial (Bad?) Comedies

Conclusion: A Disputed Heritage

About the Author

Charlie Michael earned his PhD in Film Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and currently teaches cinema and media studies courses at several institutions in the Atlanta area. He co-edited the Directory of World Cinema: France (Intellect, 2013) and his work has also appeared in SubStance, The Velvet Light Trap, Quebec Studies, French Politics, Culture & Society, and A Companion to Contemporary French Cinema.

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