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Francois Laruelle's Principles of Non-Philosophy

A Critical Introduction and Guide

Anthony Paul Smith

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The insider's guide through the difficult terrain of Laruelle’s most complete development of non-philosophy from one of Laruelle's translators

Anthony Paul Smith provides an introduction and guide to Principles of Non-Philosophy that situates you amongst the figures and concepts Laruelle engaged with, giving you a foothold to understanding and, more importantly, use non-philosophy.

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Introduction: A Constellation, Not a Mirror – The Form of a Non-Philosophical Readers’ Guide
1. Situating Principles of Non-Philosophy: Introductory Concepts and First Names
2. On a Democracy Within Thought: Science and Philosophy as Citizens
3. The Subject is Not a Thinking Thing But the Force-(of)-Thought
4. Unilateral Causality and the Pragmatic Theory of Philosophy
5. Dualysis: Or, How To Do Things With Philosophy
6. The Stranger, Nowhere at Home: Non-Philosophy and the Philosophical Scene

About the Author

Anthony Paul Smith is Assistant Professor in Religion at La Salle University. He is the translator of Future Christ: A Lesson in Heresy and co-translator of Principles of Non-Philosophy, both by François Laruelle, and co-editor of After the Postsecular and the Postmodern: New Essays in Continental Philosophy of Religion.


Francois Laruelle is one of the most radical and challenging of contemporary thinkers. In this book, Anthony Paul Smith provides a road map to Laruelle, guiding us through the rough terrain of the French thinker's "non-philosophy." There are many surprising prospects to be encountered here, as well as the sense of wonder that comes from seeing familiar ideas in an entirely new light.

- Steven Shaviro, Wayne State University

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