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Film's Musical Moments

Edited by Ian Conrich, Estella Tincknell

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The scope of this collection is indicative of the breadth and diversity of music’s role in cinema, as is its emphasis on musical contributions to ‘non-musical’ films. By bringing together chapters that are concerned both with the relationship between performance, music and film and the specificity of national, historical, social, and cultural contexts, Film’s Musical Moments will be of equal importance to students of film studies, cultural studies and music. The book is organised into four sections: Music, Film, Culture focuses on cinema representations of music forms; Stars, Performance and Reception explores stars, fan cultures and intertextuality; The Post-Classical Hollywood Musical considers the importance of popular music to contemporary cinema; and Beyond Hollywood looks to specific national contexts. Chapters include jazz and animation, the Country and Western biopic, cult musicals and fandom, the importance of the soundtrack movie, and musicals from the former East Germany.


1. Jazz, Ideology and the Animated Cartoon
2. A Short History of the Big Band Musical
3. Television, the Pop Industry and the Hollywood Musical
4. The Operatic in New German Cinema
5. Jack Buchanan and the British Musical Comedy of the 1930s
6. Star Personae and Authenticity in the Country Music Biopic
7. Stardom, Reception and the ABBA 'Musical'
8. Musical Performance and the Cult Film Experience
9. The Soundtrack Movie, Nostalgia and Consumption
10. Youth, Excess and the Musical Moment
11. Music, Film and Post-Stonewall Gay Identity
12. Early Danish Musical Comedies, 1931-1939
13. Film Musicals in the GDR
14. The Bollywood Musical.

About the Author

Ian Conrich is Fellow at the University of Essex in the Department of Literature, Film and Theatre; Founding Director of the Centre for New Zealand Studies, Birckbeck, Univeristy of London

Estella Tincknell is Associate Head of the School of Cultural Studies at the University of the West of England.


Film's Musical Moments is a refreshing look at music in film, specifically musical performance within film... [It] is the first from the 'Music and the Moving Image' series edited by Kevin Donnelly, and if this book is any indication of what the later books in this series will be like, the study of music, film, popular culture, and other media will continue to open up, offering new or fresh perspectives within each respected field while being complementary and interrelated with one another.
- Lara Hrycaj, Wayne State University, SCOPE: An Online Journal of Film Studies
Covers a wide variety of cinematic texts and traditions in its attempts to dissect the various guises and effects of the musical moment, and its genuiniely interdisciplinary nature makes it a valuable resource for researchers working in many different areas of scholarship.
- Catherine Haworth, Music, Sound and the Moving Image
Film’s Musical Moments will be of use to film and TV scholars, as well as scholars whose work is more directly focused on music in media. It is a promising first entry in the Edinburgh University Press’s ‘Music & the Moving Image’ series.
- Paul N. Reinsch, University of Southern California, Film International
The strength of Film’s Musical Moments is ultimately based on the strength of the individual contributions. Yet this is something more than a collection of articles about music in film... [a] welcome addition to the literature on film’s musical nature.
- Guy Barefoot, Journal of British Cinema and Television

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