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Feminist Visual Culture

Edited by Fiona Carson, Claire Pajaczkowska

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The growing importance of visual culture is seen in many aspects of society - television, dance, film, fashion, painting, sculpture, installation and fine art - to name but a few. Feminist Visual Culture looks at the contribution of feminist theory and practice in these media and considers the place women have and the role that they play. Written by women working in the field of visual culture they draw on examples and situations from everyday life.

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List of illustrations
Issues in feminist visual culture
Claire Pajaczkowska
Part I Fine art
Feminist debate and fine art practices
Fiona Carson
Chapter 1
Fran Lloyd
Chapter 2
Sculpture and installation
Fiona Carson
Chapter 3
Performance art
Helen Potkin
Chapter 4
Multicultural discourses
Pauline de Souza
Chapter 5
Jessica Evans
Part II
Issues in feminist design
Claire Pajaczkowska
Chapter 6
Sarah Chaplin
Chapter 7
Graphic design
Teal Triggs
Chapter 8
Cheryl Buckley
Chapter 9
Janis Jefferies
Chapter 10
Rebecca Arnold
Part III
Mass media
Issues in feminist mass media
Claire Pajaczkowska
Chapter 11
Film theory
Sally Stafford
Chapter 12
Julia Knight
Chapter 13
Sarah Chaplin
Chapter 14
Anne Hole
Chapter 15
Sarah Niblock
Notes on the contributors

About the Author

Fiona Carson is Senior Lecturer in Women's Studies and Art History at the University of East London. She has been engaged in the teaching of feminist art theory and practice since 1976, and is also a practising artist, currently making woven constructions.

Claire Pajaczkowska is Senior Lecturer in Visual Culture at Middlesex University. She has published widely in Screen, Framework, Cine-Tracts,Frauen und Film, m/f, Free Associations, Block, New Formations and has translated several books on psychoanalysis and visual culture. Her latest book is Perversion. She is researching the popular sublime.


This collection of essays is a perfect example of just the kind of academic writing that can be of use to a far greater number of people than those within the academy.
- Kelly McDowell
This book is about visual culture, not just art, and the result is a really useful introductory book for students and teachers alike.
An effective review of feminist interventions within the frame of art history over the last 30 years… this edited collection is exemplary in its reflection on the materials of feminist practitioners and their individual positioning in relation to art history.