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Feminist Destinations and Further Essays on Virginia Woolf

Rachel Bowlby

Paperback (Printed to Order)

Rachel Bowlby's acclaimed book on Virginia Woolf now appears with five new essays which look at Woolf in a number of new frames - as a woman essayist; as a city writer and critic of modern culture; and as a writer on love. Rachel Bowlby shows, with inimitable critical panache, how it is that Woolf's writing, in its many forms and fashions, continues to provide rich matter for thinking about the histories and futures of women, writing and culture.


This collection will be invaluable to readers ... Bowlby's words are worth rereading, since studies which acknowledge the diversity and 'unsettledness' of Woolf's work are still few and far between.
- Anna Snaith
Beer and Bowlby are theoretically sophisticated and innovative ... Edinburgh has produced fine, large, well-bound volumes ... two of the best recent books on Woolf
- Woolf Studies Annual volume 5