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Feminism and Sexuality

A Reader

Edited by Stevi Jackson, Sue Scott

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From Bell Hooks's incisive look at the scapegoating of black men as archetypal racists to Andrea Dworkin's scathing statement on pornography as violence against women, this anthology is the first to fully represent the range of contemporary perspectives on one of the most fiercely contested areas in feminist thought. In Feminism and Sexuality, the most outspoken feminist voices of our generation are brought toether in one volume. Writings by Adrienne Rich, Judith Butler, Feminists Against Censorship, Catharine MacKinnon, and Cheryl Clarke cover the spectrum of issues that surround this crucial topic. With classic and cutting-edge commentary on pornography, prostitution, sexual violence, young women and sexuality, heterosexuality and lesbianism, sadomasochism, AIDS, and the international sex industry, this is the most comprehensive sourcebook on the major theoretical positions and critical trends surrounding this central feminist issue.

About the Author

Stevi Jackson is Professor of Women’s Studies and Director of the Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York

Sue Scott is Professor of Sociology at the University of Durham.

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