Fashion and Materialism

Ulrich Lehmann

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A cultural and historical philosophy of fashion in economic and social life from the 1830s to the present day

Ulrich Lehmann brings together methods and ideas from social sciences and material production to offer a new political reading of fashion in today’s post-democracy. Accessing rare source material across a wide range of European languages and cultures, he offers insight into new working structures in the manufacture of garments and textiles.

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1. Production Into Consumption: Materialism in Fashion
2. Historical Materialism and Historicism: The Tiger’s Leap
3. Sartorial Semantics: Le Mot dans la mode
4. Markets for Modernity: Salons, Galleries and Fashion
5. Structuralism and Materialism: The Language of a Pur(e)Suit
6. Dialectics in C.C.P.
7. Primary Material
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Ulrich Lehmann’s work to date has been invaluable in bringing together the history of ideas with the ever-shifting concept of ‘fashion’. In Fashion and Materialism he offers a timely reflection on the manner in which the Marxist understanding of historical materialism is fundamental to fashion’s meaning. In an era that several pundits have declaimed as one of post-fashion amorality, Lehmann’s provocative polemic may well prove a fundamental and corrective text for shaping and interpreting a post-fashion future.

Christopher Breward, National Galleries of Scotland
Ulrich Lehmann is Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Design and Arts at The New School, New York. He has contributed to a wide range of journals and edited collections on fashion and material culture. He is the author of Josiah McElheny: Object Lesson (White Cube, 2013) and Tigersprung: Fashion in Modernity (MIT Press, 2001).

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