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Locating Hong Kong Cinema and Media

Victor Fan

Hardback (Forthcoming)

Actively rewrites and reconfigures how Hong Kong cinema and media are to be defined and located

Examining how Hong Kong filmmakers, spectators and critics wrestled with this perturbation between the Leftist Riots (1967) and the aftermath of the Umbrella Movement (2014), this book traces how Hong Kong’s extraterritoriality has been framed: in its position of being doubly occupied and doubly abandoned by contesting juridical, political, linguistic and cultural forces.

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Notes on Transliteration

On Extraterritoriality

Chapter 1: What is Hong Kong Cinema?

Chapter 2: Breaking the Wave

Chapter 3: The Time It Takes for Time to End

Chapter 4: Posthistoricity

Chapter 5: The Age of Precarity

The Body of Extraterritoriality


Filmography and Videography


About the Author

Victor Fan is Senior Lecturer at Film Studies, King’s College London and Film Consultant of the Chinese Visual Festival. His articles have appeared in journals including Camera Obscura, Journal of Chinese Cinemas, Screen and Film History: An International Journal. His first book, 'Cinema Approaching Reality: Locating Chinese Film Theory', was published in 2015 by the University of Minnesota Press. Besides his academic works, Fan is also a composer, theatre director and filmmaker.


Fan forges a bracingly original perspective on the conjunction of cinema and politics in this book, which sets out an authoritative history of Hong Kong cinema while also radically rethinking the basis on which such a history – constituted by dispossession and exclusion, rather than identity and belonging – can be composed. 

- Professor Jean Ma, Stanford University

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