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Exploring the Law of Succession

Studies National, Historical and Comparative

Edited by Kenneth Reid, Marius de Waal, Reinhard Zimmermann


By comparison with other areas of private law, the law of succession has been neglected by modern scholars. This volume contributes to its rehabilitation by examining key issues in succession law from a variety of perspectives: national, historical and comparative. In particular it seeks to extend the techniques of legal comparison into an area of law where hitherto they have been little used.

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List of Contributors
Table of Statutes
Table of Cases
A Comparative Overview
Marius J de Waal
Compulsory Heirship in Roman Law
Reinhard Zimmermann
Succession Law in Scotland: a Historical Perspective
W David H Sellar
Succession Law in South Africa: a Historical Perspective
Francois du Toit
Freedom of Testation and the Ageing Testator
J C Sonnekus
Testamentary Conditions and Public Policy
James Chalmers
Forfeiture Clauses and Events in Scots Law
Roderick R M Paisley
Revocation of Wills by Changed Circumstances
M C Schoeman-Malan
Fideicommissary Substitutions: Scots Law in Historical and Comparative Perspective
George Gretton
The Conditio si institutus sine liberis decesserit in Scots and South African Law
Alan R Barr
The New Dutch Law of Succession
Sjef van Erp
Revocability of Mutual Wills
Alexandra Braun
Succession Agreements in South African and Scots Law
Dale Hutchison.

About the Author

Kenneth Reid is Professor of Property Law at the University of Edinburgh.

Reinhard Zimmermann is Director of the Max Planck Institute for Foreign Private and Private International Law, Hamburg, and Professor of Private Law, Roman Law, and Comparative Law in the University of Regensburg.

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