Exploring Arab Folk Literature

Pierre Cachia

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The character and range of Arab folk literature are investigated by Pierre Cachia in this collection of his pioneering essays in the field.

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The Transcription Of Arabic
Part I: Fact Finding
1. Arabic Literatures, "Elite" and "Folk" - Junctions and Disjunctions
2. The Egyptian Mawwal: its Ancestry, its Development, and its Present Forms
3. The Nahda's first stirrings of interest in Alf Layla
4. The Career of Mustafa Ibrahim 'Ajaj
Part II: Texts
5. The Prophet's Shirt: three Versions of an Egyptian Narrative Ballad
6. An Uncommon Use of Nonsense Verse in Colloquial Arabic
7. An Early Example of Narrative Verse in Colloquial Arabic
8. An Incomplete Egyptian Ballad on the 1956 War
9. Three Versions of an Egyptian Narrative Ballad
10. Pulp Stories in the Repertoire of Egyptian Folk Singers
11. Karam il-Yatim
12. Of Loose Verse and Masculine Beauty
13. A Zajal on the MiPart III: Cultural and Social Implications
14. The 'Other' in Egyptian Folk Literature
15. Cultural Cross-Currents in Maltese Idioms
16. Social Values Reflected in Egyptian Popular Ballads
17. Folk Themes in the Works of Najib Surur
18. Elite treatment of Honour crimes in modern Egypt.
The late Pierre Cachia was Professor Emeritus, Arabic Language and Literature, Columbia University. He was the joint editor of Islam: Past Influence and Present Challenge, the festschrift published by EUP for William Montgomery Watt (1984). He also jointly authored with William Montgomery Watt A History of Islamic Spain (1996).

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