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Evil in Contemporary Political Theory

Edited by Bruce Haddock, Peri Roberts, Peter Sutch

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What role should the idea of evil have in contemporary moral and social thought?

The concept of 'evil' has long been a key idea in moral discourse. Now, the contributors to this volume make a start on the important task of systematically exploring evil in the context of political theory.

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Notes on the Contributors
1. Introduction, Bruce Haddock, Peri Roberts, Peter Sutch
2. Darkness and Silence: Evil in the Western Legacy, John Milbank
3. Constructivism and Evil, Peri Roberts
4. Systemic Evil and the Limits of Pluralism, Bruce Haddock
5. Unreasonable or Evil?, Kerstin Budde
6. Evil in Contemporary International Political Theory: Acts that Shock the Conscience of Mankind, Peter Sutch
7. Doing Evil Justly? The Morality of Justifiable Abomination, Mark Evans
8. Evil and the Left, Eve Garrard
9. The Glamour of Evil: Dostoyesvsky and the Politics of Transgression, John Horton
10. The Rhetoric of Moral Equivalence, Richard Shorten
11. Banal but not Benign: Arendt on Evil, David Boucher

About the Author

Bruce Haddock is Professor of European Social and Political Thought at Cardiff University. He has published numerous books and articles, most recently A History of Political Thought: From Antiquity to the Present (2005).

Peri Roberts is Senior Lecturer in the School of European Studies at Cardiff University.

Peter David Edward Sutch is Reader in Political and International Theory at Cardiff University, where he teaches classes in political theory, global ethics and the politics of international law.


A deeply suggestive collection of essays which helpfully illuminates an important topic hitherto surprisingly unremarked in contemporary political thought.
- Derek Edyvane, University of Leeds, Political Studies Review