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Ethics in Public Service

Richard A. Chapman

Hardback (Printed to Order)

This book, by a group of specially selected scholars, focuses on topics of current debate in the field of public service ethics. The subjects covered include codes of ethics, how ethics can be taught, the dilemma of tragic choices, administrative discretion and the protection of human rights, the interests of the state, secrecy and freedom of information, the democratic environment, and the relevance of the law and trade unions.

About the Author

Richard A Chapman is Emeritus Professor of Politics at the University of Durham.


A useful comparative reader. Editor Chapman is as cholar of real merit, and any team led by him deserves close scrutiny.This collection is a fair sample of where things are at in administrative ethics.
Deals with the subject matter at an advanced level but remains eminently readable throughout ... the contributors really know what they're talking about and they keep it short.
Chapman's book, good course material for the issues involved, raises the current issues in a readable form.