Ethical Subjects in Contemporary Culture

Dave Boothroyd

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Shows how ethical subjectivity is not based on individual morals but contemporary culture

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1. The Subject of the ethical turn
2. Empiricism, the ethical Subject and the ethics of hospitality
3. Sexing the ethical Subject
4. Vulnerability to violence and ethical sensibility
5. The ethical Subject of new media communications
6. Secrecy and the secret of ethical subjectivity
7. Censored Subjects
8. Suffering
9. Hospitality, friendship and justice
10. Death, or the end of Subject
This is a truly superb book. A real pleasure to read, it strikes just the right balance between cutting to the chase and drawing you in, with its elegant prose and lucid formulations. The book immediately situates you within a nexus of problems you recognize as crucial, but haven’t thought your way out of in quite the way that Boothroyd has.
Tina Chanter, Professor and Head of the School of Humanities at Kingston University
Dave Boothroyd is Senior Lecturer and Director of Cultural Studies, School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Research, University of Kent

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