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Epistemology A–Z

Martijn Blaauw, Duncan Pritchard


An alphabetically arranged guide to all the major epistemological debates and positions

Epistemology A-Z introduces undergraduate and post-graduate students in philosophy (and epistemology in particular) to the main problems and positions in epistemology. It shows where these problems and positions connect and where they part thereby providing a valuable resource both for following connections between ideas and for appreciating the place of key figures and concepts in the subject.

The book includes entries on some of the most important historical and contemporary contributors to the field. And all the entries are cross-referenced so that each item is placed within the context of the wider debate, resulting in a multi-layered treatment of all of the main epistemological positions and figures.

Key Features

  • Coverage of all major positions and figures
  • Clear and concise entries
  • All entries are cross-referenced.


Introduction and Acknowledgements
Epistemology A-Z

About the Author

Martijn Blaauw is Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen. He has published various papers in international journals, and is the guest-editor of a special issue of Grazer Philosophische Studien on contextualism.

Duncan Pritchard is Reader in Philosophy at the University of Stirling, Scotland. His publications include Epistemic Luck (Oxford UP, 2005), Moral and Epistemic Virtues (co-edited with M. S. Brady, Blackwell 2003), and Williamson on Knowledge (co-edited with P. Greenough, Oxford UP, forthcoming).

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