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Electoral Systems and Voting in the United Kingdom

Chris Robinson

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A key feature of the New Labour government's constitutional reform agenda has been the introduction of a number of alternative methods of voting for both existing elections and for those to new political institutions. This book examines the workings of these various systems of elections, looking specifically at how they operate within the United Kingdom and their direct impact on representation and governance. It also considers voting behaviour in the UK, with reference to the context of the electoral system being used. In conclusion there is an attempt to discover the extent to which the introduction and operation of different electoral systems has affected voter behaviour.

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1. Introduction and Principles
Part One - Electoral Systems
2. Plurality Systems
3. Majoritarian Systems
4. Proportional Systems
Part Two -Voting Behaviour
5. Traditional Debates on UK Voting Behaviour
6. Voting Behaviour in Elections for UK Members of the European Parliament
7. Voting Behaviour in Elections to the Scottish Parliament
8. Voting Behaviour in Elections to the National Assembly for Wales
9. Voting Behaviour in Elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly
Conclusion: Identifying Trends in Voting Behaviour Across the United Kingdom.

About the Author

Chris Robinson is a teacher of A Level Government and Politics at Wyke Sixth Form College, Hull. He is author of Voting Behaviour and Electoral Systems (1998), AS Government and Politics: Student Guide to Unit 1 (2008) and AS Government and Politics: Student Guide to Unit 2 (2008).

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