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An Introduction

Brian Baxter

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This textbook articulates and defends Ecologism - an ideology which has grown from the developing interest in the moral, political, economic and scientific issues centring on human relationships with the environment of the planet. The concept of Ecologism starts from the position that the non-human world is worthy of moral consideration and that this should be taken into account in the ordering of social, economic and political systems. It is recognised as a major development in Environmental Politics and, increasingly, as a significant alternative to existing political philosophies.The book provides a comprehensive and systematic survey of the main components of Ecologism, and examines elements which have been neglected in the existing literature. Written in a clear and approachable style, it covers both the current debates surrounding this key aspect of environmental political philosophy and the author's own development of these debates.


Brian Baxter's book will be a valuable contribution to the field of green moral and political theory, constituting an original contribution to the development of green normative theory in particular and contemporary political theory in general. It covers some of the standard issues in the area as well as making some genuine original advances, and is written in an elegant and eloquent style.
- Dr John Barry
There is a need for this book … I would recommend it as essential reading."
- Tim Hayward
In sum, this is a valuable book, whose author is determined to show that ecologism has its own and autonomous standpoints and values.