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Colin Imber

Hardback (Printed to Order)
The Jurist Ebu's-su`ud (c1490-1574) occupies a key position in the history of Islamic Law. He was a scholar who, for forty years, occupied successfully the senior judicial positions in the Ottoman Empire. Confronting the problem of reconciling classical Islamic jurisprudence with the day-to-day legal needs of an empire, he earned an enduring reputation as the jurist who harmonised the Holy Law of Islam with secular practice. The book examines the substance of this reputation by showing, through Ebu's-su`ud's writings, how he adapted classical Islamic legal doctrine to contemporary needs.


A most important and useful book…one must be grateful to Dr Imber for so thorough and penetrating a study of a highly significant figure in the history of Ottoman law and the Ottoman polity
Excellent... This work is carefully researched and clearly written with well argued and entirely plausible conclusions.
- Robert Gleave
The book is evidently the product of mature scholarship and stands out in its attention to detail, linguistic clarity and organisation... an unusually rich addition to the existing literature.