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Eastern Influences on Western Philosophy

A Reader

Edited by A. L. Macfie

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The influence of East on West - of Eastern ideas on Western thought - has become an increasingly vexed issue in recent times. Opinion is divided between two main schools: those who believe that Oriental ideas have exercised a considerable influence on Western thought, and those who, for a variety of reasons, believe that such influence has remained negligible.

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1. Malebranche and Chinese Philosophy
David E. Mungello
2. The Pre-Established Harmony Between Leibniz and Chinese Thought
Daniel J. Cook and Henry Rosemont
3. The Sinophilism of Christian Wolff (1679-1754)
Donald L. Lach
4. Voltaire
Basil Guy
5. The Possibility of Oriental Influence in Hume's Philosophy
Nolan Pliny Jacobson
6. Herder
Ronald Taylor
7. Hegel
Wilhelm Halbfass
8. Schelling and Schopenhauer
Wilhelm Halbfass
9. The Influences of Eastern Thought in Schopenhauer's Doctrine of the Thing-in-Itself
Moira Nicholls
10. Emerson and Indian Philosophy
Dale Riepe
11.Thoreau's India: The Impact of Reading in a Crisis
David H. Albert
12. Thoreau's Hindu Quotations in A Week
Ellen Rhagavan and Barry Wood
13. Nietzsche's Trans-European Eye
Mervyn Sprung
14. Nietzsche and The Laws of Manu
Thomas H. Brobjer
15.Taoism and Jung: Synchronicity and the Self
Harold Coward
16. Martin Buber and Taoism
Irene Eber
17. Heidegger's Hidden Sources: East Asian Influences on his Work
Reinhard May

About the Author

Alexander Lyon Macfie's publications include The Eastern Question (1988; 1996), The Straits Question (1993), Ataturk (1994), and The End of the Ottoman Empire (1998).


The coverage is broad and attractive, focusing on a number of major contributors to this field, and making use of extracts from a range of highly esteemed scholarly works. The issue of orientalism, as well as related issues concerning the encounter between Europe and Asia at various levels, is a subject of considerable academic, as well as wider, interest at the present time, and I believe that this work well reflects these concerns, and will provide a useful collection of relevant writings.
- Professor John Clarke, Kingston University
This is an important project and there is nothing quite like it currently available.
- Professor Richard King, University of Derby