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Dwelling in the Age of Climate Change

The Ethics of Adaptation

Elaine Kelly

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Explores the complex ethical dilemmas of human mobility in the context of climate change

Currently, adaptation policy for climate change prioritises economic and technological dimensions of governance and action. Now, Elaine Kelly brings continental theory into the conversation to explore the ethical dilemmas stemming from emerging global political crises of migration, displacement and communal relocation related to climate change. She argues that, in the era of anthropocentric climate change, an ‘ethos of dwelling’ must underpin adaptation practices.

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Common Abbreviations
Part A
1. The Adaptation Agenda
2. Rethinking Adaptation: An Ethos of Dwelling
3. The Mobility Agenda
Part B
4. In and Out of Place: The Case of Bangladesh
5. In and Out of Place: The Case of the Torres Strait Islands, Australia
6. Hitting the Global North
Conclusion: A Future, Otherwise Than This.

About the Author

Elaine Kelly is an independent scholar and writer based in Sydney. She researched and taught in Critical and Cultural Studies for over a decade and completed a Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Technology, Sydney in 2015. She has published in Derrida Today, Australian Quarterly and Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies.


New crises require new thinking. In a work combining rich theoretical reflection and vivid case studies of the real, immediate and complex challenges populations now face, Elaine Kelly provides a brilliant new ethical approach to the dramatic human movements already underway in response to climate change.

- Nick Mansfield, Macquarie University, Sydney

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