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Driving to California

An Unconventional Introduction to Philosophy

Colin Radford

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You are a philosopher! We are all philosophers. We make moral decisions, worry over what is the best thing to do, and contemplate where our lives are going. In a series of original and entertaining sketches, short stories, plays and his own 'philosophical autobiography' Professor Colin Radford expounds the nature and importance of philosophy for our everyday lives. From the title sketch Driving to California in which Radford amusingly describes the decisions, sulks and compromises faced by a family of three driving across America, to The Positive Desirability of Evil, Radford reveals how we all unknowingly take part in philosophical debates, and shows that these moral dilemmas are what make our lives rich, diverse, challenging and puzzling. Meanwhile the key chapter The Examined Life explains how his life (and ours) has been governed by philosophical dilemmas and warns that a life which fails to ask 'Should I have lived my life thus?' is not, as Plato said, a life worth living.

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Colin Radford shows that philosophy is interesting and important andyet does not have to wear tie and tails.... engaging and unusual.A C Grayling, TLS, April1997.
- A C Grayling, TLS
This book isenormous fun; it is thought-provoking, lively, and unlike the work of mostacademics, exudes a distinctive personality... The average article in Mindwill seem unconscionable dull after this.Prof. Bob Sharpe, University of Wales, Lampeter. Phi
- Prof. Bob Sharpe, University of Wales, Lampeter
Opinionated, idiosyncratic and jaunty, Radford is trying to hookstudents into his subject by illustrating that philosophy is not just anacademic preoccupation, it's a maddening way of life.Kristina Woohnough, Scotland on Sunday, 28th April 1996.
- Kristina Woohnough, Scotland on Sunday