Discover Your Scottish Ancestry

Internet and Traditional Resources

Graham Holton, Jack Winch

Edition: 2

Ebook (PDF) i

This illuminating guide to discovering your Scottish family history has been fully revised and updated to take account of changes to resources and methods for researching your Scottish ancestry over the last few years. Accessible in style and comprehensive in coverage, this new edition stresses the importance of traditional methods of family history research while also embracing the exciting possibilities afforded by new technologies, sources and developments in genetic science.

Indispensable to both the fledgling researcher and the more experienced family history specialist in Scotland or elsewhere, this book provides a guide to the very latest resources available to assist with research. Covering Scottish primary and secondary sources in full detail, this book also provides illustrative case studies of family history research, lists of useful websites and archives, and family history organisations and societies.

Highlights of this new edition:

  • An updated chapter dedicated to aspects of recording, scanning and storing information
  • New insight into accessing English, Irish, emigrant and immigrant records
  • An update on developments in DNA genetics of relevance to the genealogist
  • A substantial and broad-ranging bibliography essential for those who want to take their research further.

1: Gathering Information from your Family
2: Recording and Storing Information
3: Basic Sources for Family History
4: Supplementary Sources
5: Family History and the Internet
6: Historical Information
7: Historical Sources Pre-1855
8: Presenting your Family History
9: Family Heritage
10: DNA, Genetics, Health and Family Medical History
1: English, Welsh and Irish records
2: Interpreting older forms of handwriting
List of Websites
List of Useful Addresses
Sample forms for Obtaining and Recording Information
Jack Winch is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Strathclyde.

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