Dilemmas of European Democracy

New Perspectives on Democratic Politics in the European Union

Edited by Niklas Bremberg, Ludvig Norman

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Reassesses the democratic quality of European integration
  • Advances the understanding of what twenty-first century democracy in Europe is and what it can be
  • Presents new perspectives on under-explored dilemmas related to specific aspects of democracy in the context of European integration and against the background of political shifts in Europe in recent decades
  • Provides an alternative to ‘grand theory’ approaches to EU democracy and scholarly debates on the EU’s ‘democratic deficit’
  • Includes chapters by leading scholars in the field, that supply new perspectives on democratic dilemmas from the point of view of in-depth engagements with key aspects of European democracy

Bringing together leading and emerging scholars on European politics, this collection explores how dilemmas associated with key democratic concepts can be understood in relation to the EU.

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Notes on Contributors

1. Democratic Dilemmas of Europe’s Political Order

Niklas Bremberg (Stockholm University) and Ludvig Norman (Stockholm University)

2. Representation without a Demos? A very European Democratic Dilemma

Christopher Lord (ARENA Centre for European Studies)

3. Beyond the Nation-state: Multilevel Democracy in Europe

Michael Keating (University of Aberdeen)

4. Dilemmas of Deliberative Democracy in the European Union: why (not) and how (not)?

Firat Cengiz (University of Liverpool)

5. Dilemmas of EU Citizenship: the persistent Divide between Economic and Political integration

Sandra Seubert (Goethe Universität)

6. European Capitalism without European Democracy? Democratic Dilemmas and Markets in the European Union

Kathleen R. McNamara (Georgetown University)

7. Beyond Democratic Minimalism: how Democratic Contestation can Support European Integration

Joseph Lacey (University College Dublin)

8. Europe’s Democratic Dilemmas in Historical Perspective

Sheri Berman (Columbia University)

9. The European Union’s Main Democratic Deficits in Comparative Perspective

R. Daniel Kelemen (Rutgers University)

10. Conclusion: the Dilemmatic Perspective on European Democracy

Niklas Bremberg (Stockholm University) and Ludvig Norman (Stockholm University)

Niklas Bremberg is Associate Professor in Political Science at Stockholm University and Senior Research Fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

Ludvig Norman is Associate Professor in Political Science at Stockholm University and Senior Fellow at the Institute of European Studies, UC Berkeley

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