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Paragraph Volume 25 Number 3

Edited by Luce Irigaray

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Luce Irigaray presents international, intercultural, intergenerational dialogues around her work in this collection of essays on Irigaray’s work by an intergenerational, international range of contributors. Each paper is followed by questions from Irigaray and then a response by the author of the paper.


Introduction, Luce Irigaray
Reading - Interpreting - Imparting
Poetic Nuptials, Judith Still, University of Nottingham
Reading and Rethinking the Subject in Luce Irigaray's Recent Work, Heidi Bostic, Michigan Technological University
On Faithfulness in Translating, Kaisa Kukkola, University of Turku
Philosophy - Ethics - Politics
To the Other as Other - Hearing, Listening, Understanding, Stephen Pluhacek, Michigan Technological University
From the Same to the Other, Florinda Trani, University of Lecce
A Gendered Education towards the Fulfilment of Democracy, Marie José García Oramas, University of Mexico
Why Cultivate Difference?, Luce Irigaray
Painting - Architecture - Cinema
Approaching Painting through Feminine Morphology, Hilary Robinson, University of Ulster
Love in Architecture, Andrea Wheeler, University of Nottingham
Light, Colour and Sound in Cinema, Liz Watkins, University of Leeds
Feminine Enunciation in Cinema
(Caroline Bainbridge, University of East London
Being Two, How Many Eyes Have We?
(Luce Irigaray
Feminine in Theology and Philosophy of Religions
Access or Barrier to Goddess Talk?
(Laine Harrington, Graduate Theological Union Berkeley
Incarnation: The Flesh Becomes Word
(Anne-Claire Mulder, University of Utrecht
Divine Love, Morny Joy, University of Calgary
Conclusions, Luce Irigaray.

About the Author

Luce Irigaray is a French feminist and psychoanalytic and cultural theorist.

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