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Devolution in the United Kingdom

Russell Deacon

Edition: 2

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The only up-to-date introduction to the politics of devolution in the UK

New for this edition:

  • Revised and updated throughout
  • New case studies and tables
  • New sections on topics including English regionalism, the London Mayor, the Calman Commission, Labour and the Welsh Assembly, and Ian Paisley

The political landscape of the UK was altered dramatically with the devolution of power to London, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This introduction to the major changes caused by devolution looks at both the historical background and contemporary political events. It assesses the operation, strengths and weaknesses of the devolved state, and uses relevant case studies to illustrate the more complex ideas.


1. The Background to Devolution
2. ‘Devolution All Round?’ The Case of England
3. English devolution ‘London moves forward whilst England falls back’
4. The Evolution of Scottish Devolution
5. The Governance of Scotland
6. Political parties and politics in Scotland
7. The Government of Wales
8. The Continuing Evolution of Welsh Devolution
9. Northern Ireland: Historical Development
10. Northern Ireland and Devolution: Structures and processes
11. Political Parties within Northern Ireland
12. Creeping Federalism or a Unitary State?

About the Author

Russell Deacon is Visiting Professor in Governance and Political History at the University of South Wales, Honorary Research Fellow at Swansea University and lecturers A-level Government and Politics at Coleg Gwent. He has worked at the National Assembly for Wales, the civil service and is currently also the administrative director of the think tank Gorwel. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Association. He has served on the board of a number of organisations including the British Liberal Political Studies Group, Liberal History Society, History Research Wales and the Board of Welsh Political Archives at the National Library of Wales. Deacon is the author of a number of books and other texts on British and Welsh government and politics.

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