Development Models in Muslim Contexts

Chinese, 'Islamic' and Neo-liberal Alternatives

Edited by Robert Springborg

Ebook (PDF) i
Published in Association with the Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations

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Introduction: The Lure of Development Models, Robert Springborg
Section One: The Chinese Model and its Global Reception
1. A China Model or Just a Broken Mould?, William Hurst
2. Latin America's View of China: Interest, but Scepticism, Barbara Stallings
3. The China Model in Africa: A New Brand of Developmentalism, Catherine Boone with Dhawal Doshi
Section Two: The Chinese Model and its Competitors in the Muslim World
4. Learning the Right Lessons from Beijing: A Model for the Arab World?, Emma Murphy
5. Toward an Islamic Model for the Middle East and North Africa?, Clement M. Henry
6. Democracy, Development, and Political Islam: Comparing Iran and Turkey, Mohammed Ayoob
7. Can the East Asian Developmental State be Replicated? The Case of Malaysia, Jeff Tan
Section Three: The Role of Governance in Development Models
8. Governance against Development in Pakistan, Ishrat Husain
9. Is 'Good Governance' an Appropriate Model for Governance Reforms? The Relevance of East Asia for Developing Muslim Countries, Mushtaq Khan
Conclusion: Not Washington, Beijing Nor Mecca-The Limitations of Development Models, Robert Springborg
About the Contributors.
Robert Springborg is a Professor in the Department of National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School. Previously he held the MBI Al Jaber Chair in Middle East Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, where he was also the Director of the London Middle East Institute. His publications include Mubarak's Egypt: Fragmentation of the Political Order (1989), Family Power and Politics in Egypt (1982), Legislative Politics in the Arab World (co-authored with Abdo I. Baaklini and Guilain P. Deoeux, 1999) and Globalisation and the Politics of Development in the Middle East (co-authored with Clement M. Henry, 2001).

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