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Democratic Piety

Complexity, Conflict and Violence

Adrian Little

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This book presents an innovative analysis of the nature of democratic theory, focusing on the prevalence of pious discourses of democracy in contemporary politics.

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Introduction: Pious Discourses of Democracy
1: Complexity Theory and Democratic Politics
2: Complexity, Democratisation and Conflict
3: Democracy, Consensus and Dissent
4: Democracy and Violence
5: Terrorism, Violence and the Ethics of Democracy
Conclusion: The Constitutive Failure of Democracy

About the Author

Adrian Little is Associate Professor and Reader in Political Theory and Head of the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne. He is author of The Political Thought of Andre Gortz (1996), Post-Industrial Socialism: Towards a New Politics of Welfare (1998), The Politics of Community: Theory and Practice (2002), Democracy and Northern Ireland: Beyond the Liberal Paradigm? (2004) and Democratic Piety: Complexity, Conflict and Violence (2008).

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