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A Reader

Edited by Ricardo Blaug, John Schwarzmantel

Edition: 2

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Your collection of key texts on Democracy, from classical political philosophy to the present day

Put together specially for students of democracy, this invaluable reader gathers key statements from political thinkers, explained and contextualised with editorial commentaries. Arranged into four sections – Traditional Affirmations of Democracy, Key Concepts, Critiques of Democracy and Contemporary Issues – it covers democratic thinking in a remarkably broad way.

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Preface to the Second Edition
Introduction: Democracy – Triumph or Crisis?
PART ONE: Traditional Affirmations of Democracy
PART TWO: Key Concepts
Section 1: Freedom and Autonomy
Section 2: Equality
Section 3: Representation
Section 4: Majority Rule
Section 5: Citizenship
PART THREE: Critiques of Democracy
Section 6: Conservative, Elitist and Authoritarian critiques
Section 7: Marxist and Socialist Critiques
Section 8: Feminist Critiques
PART FOUR: Contemporary Issues
Section 9: The Market
Section 10: Civil Society
Section 11: Participation
Section 12: The Internet
Section 13: Nationalism
Section 14: Cosmopolitan Democracy
Section 15: Religion
Section 16: Multiculturalism
Section 17: Democracy and Violence

About the Author

Ricardo Blaug is a Reader in Democratic Theory at the University of Westminster.

John Schwarzmantel is Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds. He is author of Ideology and Politics (Sage, 2008) and Citizenship and Identity (Routledge, 2003).

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