Demented Particulars

The Annotated 'Murphy'

Chris Ackerley

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This is a detailed, page by page annotation of Samuel Beckett's first published novel, Murphy. In the introduction, Ackerley outlines the history of the novel and the critical debate surrounding it. He gives an account of the vast range of reading that directly influenced Murphy, and a presents a sophisticated discussion of the 'Cartesian catastrophe' at the heart of it. He also includes an extensive bibliography and a thematic index.

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Chris Ackerley is Professor and former Head of English at Otago University, New Zealand. His publications include extensive commentaries on Samuel Beckett and Malcolm Lowry. His speciality is annotation, and he is (with S.E. Gontarski) author of the Grove Press (2004) and Faber (2006) Companion to Samuel Beckett. He has recently edited Watt for Faber. He is writing a monograph on Beckett and Science and annotating several works by Lowry.

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