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Deleuze. Guattari. Schizoanalysis. Education.

Deleuze Studies Volume 9, Number 3

Edited by Greg Thompson, David Savat


This special issue takes the conceptual work of Deleuze and Guattari and applies it to the educational landscape. The articles address a broad range of issues relating to institutional education such as pedagogy, teaching, learning, teacher education, theories of self, subjectivity, and the space and time of the classroom. While Deleuze and Guattari never wrote a book that pertained specifically to education, their work contains many uses of educational concepts and examples, albeit in provocative and evocative ways. Deleuze in particular, who worked as a high school teacher in France in the 1950s, was said to place great store on teaching as an act of affirmation.



Education and the Relation to the Outside: A Little Real Reality
David Savat and Greg Thompson

The Dictionaries in Which We Learn to Think
Tim Flanagan

Classroom Video Data and the Time-Image: An-Archiving the Student Body
Elizabeth de Freitas

Slave to the Rhythm: The Problem of Creative Pedagogy and the Teaching of Creativity
Francis Russell

Saints, Jesters and Nomads: The Anomalous Pedagogies of Lacan, Žižek, … Deleuze and Guattari
Jan Jagodzinski

Forum on Schizoanalysis

Assemblage Theory and Its Discontents
Ian Buchanan

Schizo-Feminist Educational Research Cartographies
Jessica Ringrose

Producing the NAPLAN Machine: A Schizoanalytic Cartography
Greg Thompson and Ian Cook

A Strange Craving to be Motivated: Schizoanalysis, Human Capital and Education
Sam Sellar

Fucking Teachers
P. Taylor Webb

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About the Author

Greg Thompson is Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at Murdoch University.

Dr David Savat is Chair of Communication Studies at the University of Western Australia.

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