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Deleuze and the Concepts of Cinema

Deleuze Studies Volume 8, Number 3

Daniela Angelucci
Translated by Sarin Marchetti


The complete text of Daniela Angelucci’s book Deleuze e i concetti del cinema, translated by Sarin Marchetti

Deleuze and the Concepts of Cinema takes up Deleuze’s idea that the true objects of the theory of cinema are the concepts that cinema generates when understood as a practice of images. In this sense, philosophy alone is able, as Deleuze argued, to ‘constitute the concepts of cinema itself’. It aims to avoid, as Deleuze himself once claimed, a double reproach: namely, both excessive erudition – which makes the reading complicated and tedious – and exaggerated familiarity.



About the Author

Daniela Angelucci is Lecturer of Aesthetics at the Department of Philosophy, Comunicazione, Spettacolo at University of Roma Tre.


Angelucci’s Deleuze and the Concepts of Cinema provides a succinct and lucid introduction for the newcomer to Deleuze’s Cinema books, unpacking his complex ideas about film and their roots in his earlier works on Bergson and Nietzsche. More than this, the final chapters offer original new insights for the field. Angelucci’s analysis of Chilean director Raúl Ruiz’s under-explored films in relation to the simulacrum, and her exploration of sadism (after Deleuze’s earlier work, Coldness and Cruelty) in The Most Dangerous Game (1932), truly standout in this respect. A wonderful new addition, this welcome translation represents an opportunity for Deleuze Studies globally to encounter recent scholarship on Deleuze and cinema from Italy.

Professor David Martin-Jones. Editor,

- Professor David Martin-Jones, Editor,
Deleuze and the Concepts of Cinema is worth grappling with for anyone trying to understand Deleuze.
- Max Delahaye, Metapsychology Online Reviews

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