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Deleuze and Sex

Edited by Frida Beckman

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Applies Deleuze's philosophical ideas, such as the body-machine and becoming, to sex

These 12 new essays develop a fresh philosophical approach to the study of sex and sexuality as practice. The contributors pursue the restricting as well as the liberating force of sex in relation to a spread of themes and subjects including the limits of the human, bacteria, death, disability and animality.


Introduction-What is Sex: An Introduction to the Sexual Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze, Frida Beckman
1. Alien Sex: Octavia Butler and Deleuze and Guattari's Polysexuality, Ronald Bogue
2. Heterotica: The 1000 Tiny Sexes of Anaïs Nin, Anna Powell
3. Haemosexuality, Gretchen Riordan
4. Disability, Deleuze, and Sex, Daniel Goodley and Rebecca Lawthom
5. Tongue and Trigger: Deleuze's Erotics of the Uncanny (Images and Statement), Cara Judea Alhadeff
6. (Hetero)sexing the child: Hans, Alice and the repressive hypothesis
Catherine Driscoll, Carina Garland and Anna Hickey-Moody
7. The 'Non-Human Sex' in Sexuality: 'What are Your Special Desiring-Machines, Gregg Lambert
8. Deleuze and Selfless Sex: Undoing Kant's Copernican Revolution, Jeffrey A. Bell
9. A Preface to Pornotheology: Spinoza, Deleuze, and the Sexing of Angels, Charlie Blake
10. Encounters of Ecstasy, Patricia MacCormack
11. Beyond Sexuality: of Love, Failure and Revolutions, Aislinn O'Donnell
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About the Author

Frida Beckman is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Thematic Studies at Linköping University, Sweden. Her research focuses on continental philosophy, literature, cinema, and television and she has published on topics such as sexuality, history, and political agency. She is the co-editor of two special issues of Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities on sadism and masochism as well as editor of Deleuze and Sex.

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