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Deleuze and Race

Edited by Arun Saldanha, Jason Michael Adams

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The first collection to theorise race and racism through the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze

In this volume, an international and multidisciplinary team of scholars inaugurates the Deleuzian study of race through a wide-ranging and evocative array of case studies.

Deleuze and Guattari provided new concepts of how humans are differentiated, through processes of state formation, capitalism, madness and desire. While sexual difference has received much attention in Deleuze studies, racial difference is a thornier problematic. As this collection of essays shows, Deleuze and Guattari had extremely original things to say about race, and the politics of phenotype and origin is never far from any engaged consideration of how the world works.

Key Features

  • Unpacks the implicit and explicit references to race across Deleuze’s body of work, with a special focus on the Capitalism and Schizophrenia works written with Guattari
  • Couples Deleuze with other theorists of race, such as Foucault, Butler and Gilroy
  • Draws examples from the arts, current affairs and history
  • Contributors include Claire Colebrook, John E. Drabinski, Ian Buchanan and Laura U. Marks


List of Figures
Pre-face: Escaping Race, Nick Nesbitt
Introduction: Bastard and Mixed-Blood are the True Names of Race , Arun Saldanha
1. Face Race, Claire Colebrook
2. A Deleuzian Ijtihad: Unfolding Deleuze’s Islamic Sources Occulted in the Ethnic Cleansing of Spain, Laura U. Marks
3. Dismantling the White-Man Face: Racialisation, Faciality and the Palm Island Riot, Simone Bignall
4. Symptomatology and racial politics in Australia, Ian Buchanan
5. Colourblind Colonialism in the ‘50th State of America’, Bianca Isaki
6. A Thousand Tiny Intersections: Linguisticism, Feminism, Racism and Deleuzian Becomings, Rick Dolphijn and Iris van der Tuin
7. Between Facialisation and the War Machine: Assembling the Soldier-Body, Brianne Gallagher
8. The King’s Two Faces: Michael Jackson, the Postracial Presidency and the ‘Curious Concept of Nonwhite’, Jason Michael Adams
9. From a Society of Sons to a Society of Brothers: Miscegenating Melville’s Moby-Dick, Susan Shin Hee Park
10. Love in a Cinematic Time of Race: Deleuze and Emergent Race-Intimacy, Assemblages, Chad Shomura
11. The Eternal Return of Race: Reflections on East-European Racism, Suzana Milevska and Arun Saldanha
12. Cinema-Body-Thought: Race-habits and the Ethics of Encounter, Sam Okoth Opondo
13. Race and Ontologies of Sensation, Amit S. Rai
14. Poetics of the Mangrove, John Drabinski

About the Author

Arun Saldanha is Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Minnesota.

Jason Michael Adams is a theorist working at the intersection of political events, media objects and cultural/political theory. He currently serves as Visiting Assistant Professor at Williams College and is the author of the book Occupy Time: Immediacy and Resistance After Occupy Wall Street (Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming, 2012). He has been published in numerous journals including New Political Science, Radical Philosophy, Critical Inquiry, boundary 2, Theory & Event, CTheory and Philosophy & Scripture.


This is an exciting book that opens up Deleuze and Guattari's work to a rethinking and recomplexifying of race and what anti-racist struggles entail. Deleuze and Race provides a compelling example of how we can understand race in terms that both respect the lived reality of those living with or under racism, and those that have come to develop alternatives, self-representations and practices that move beyond and undermine racism's continuing force. This collection of essays shows how thinking in terms of becomings, movements of territorialisation and deterritorialisation, lines of flight, forms of biopower and geopower, enables new more dynamic concepts of race to be developed.

- Elizabeth Grosz, Jean Fox O'Barr Women's Studies Professor, Trinity College of Arts and Sciences at Duke University

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